Brad Howe

“If we are to engage in the project of self-edification, the evolution of self, the enterprise is tied to our imagination. As Richard Rory indicates, imagination is bound by our vocabulary, and it is in the growth of vocabulary we should focus. Vocabulary is tied to experience, and it is in energized moments of exposure to strangeness that our vocabulary expands. Encountering strangeness stretches and expands our self-image and seeds the rich potential for our collective conversations.”

Brad Howe began his career in Brazil after studying history at the University of São Paulo. His work presents the influence of inquiry into the aesthetics of various cultures and distinct movements in the continuum of art history.

Howes work continues to connect with international communities, exhibiting and completing site specific commissions both in the US and abroad. Known for his sculpture practice. How’s focus also includes the representation of objects through diverse means, including photography.

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